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2 New Judges Appointed to Serve Georgia’s Cobb County

Two individuals have been selected to fill in as full-time officer decided in Georgia’s Cobb County.

Boss Magistrate Judge Brendan F. Murphy chose Judge Michael E. McLaughlin and lawyer Sonja N. Earthy colored to serve and the Cobb Superior Court judges consistently affirmed the arrangements successful Jan. 1.

“Both Mike and Sonja have the sharp insight, heart, and hard working attitude expected to flourish with the relentless Magistrate Court seat,” Murphy said in a news discharge. “Their air and character will guarantee that individuals are really heard and regarded when it’s the ideal opportunity for their day in court.”

McLaughlin is the dignitary of the Cobb County Magistrate Court seat and has run a fruitful law office for more than 35 years.

“To have the option to fill in as a full-time judge is really the apex of my legitimate profession,” McLaughlin said. “I so acknowledge Judge Murphy’s trust in permitting me to serve in this limit.”

Earthy colored fills in as vice president colleague head prosecutor and as the overseer of Community Affairs at the Stone Mountain Judicial Circuit District Attorney’s Office. There, she manufactured and drives the Crime Strategies and Community Partnerships Unit.

“I am very lowered and respected to join this dynamic group,” Brown said. “I express gratitude toward Chief Judge Murphy for entrusting me with this occasion to serve my Cobb County neighbors.”

McLaughlin and Brown will fill opportunities made by Judge Kellie S. Slope’s ongoing political race to the Superior Court seat and Judge Gerald Moore’s choice to leave the seat toward the year’s end to seek after another chance.

The Magistrate Court works 24 hours per day through the span of a year and has a substantial crook and common caseload.

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