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Georgian citizen freed for false prosecution after almost 20 years; GBI examines possible suspects for double homicide

Dennis Perry has been released following recent Genetic findings proving his innocence.

Following almost two decades behind bars for a double murder, a Georgia guy was freed on parole following fresh Genetic testing confirmed his innocence, sources claim.

Dennis Perry, 58, was sentenced in 2003 for the 1985 Harold and Thelma Swain killings, a black couple murdered at Camden County’s Growing Daughters Baptist Church. Throughout his detention, conviction, and incarceration, Perry preserved his innocence but evidence from the mother of his ex-girlfriend was enough to eventually prosecute him.

Nevertheless, the state did not reveal the woman was given $12,000 in compensation money for her evidence, recorded by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

A court reversed the sentence last friday, when an additional defendant, Erik Sparre, 57, matched DNA from the crime scene.
Brunswick Superior Court Judge Stephen Scarlett issued a signature bond appeal and Brunswick District Attorney would have to determine whether to retry Perry.
Since the judge revealed his verdict, Perry ‘s colleagues and family welcomed him in the parking lot outside the courtroom.

“It feels good to be free,” Perry said,¬†according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Perry said he always believed the truth would be revealed.

“God is good,” said Brenda Perry, his wife.

Perry’s attorneys ordered a DNA test upon finding that the alibi for Sparre ‘s night of murders was not valid, the AJC confirmed. Throughout the original inquiry, the alibi had caused police to remove him as a suspect.

Years instead, the relatives of his ex-wife called police to report that Sparre bragged about murdering the Swains, referring to the pair with a racist slur. While Sparre maintains his innocence, his mother, Gladys Sparre, received hair samples that contributed to a correlation of DNA, overturning the prosecution of Perry.

On 19 July, Gladys Sparre was found dead at her Waynesville house. The Georgia Bureau of Investigators said on Friday afternoon she was last seen alive.
Following an autopsy GBI agents are preparing for more forensic examination.

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