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How to Make a City More Inclusive

Only one of four proposals to create new communities outside of Atlanta in Cobb County, Georgia, has survived after the other three failed to pass referendums on May 24. Mableton’s cityhood movement varies from the other three in that it is centered on values of diversity, affordability, and inclusive voting rights. The other three were all driven by white groups who oppose multi-family housing and other initiatives to increase density.

Mableton would have a 75% non-white population and one of the highest proportions of low-income families in the region if voters approve the measure this November.

According to Brentin Mock, districts would be selected to establish a racially diverse city council. Nonetheless, Mableton’s campaign has at least one aspect similar¬†with the past proposals: a desire to take over the county’s zoning, planning, and code enforcement services.

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